Final colloquium of the CAS “Rebuild Ukraine”

05.07.2023 Thirty students from Ukraine (the majority of whom are women refugees) received their certificates today during a ceremony at Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH. Congratulations! For about four months, they learned in this practice-oriented course how to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine, working in groups on concrete projects that were developed with Swiss and Ukrainian partners.

Each project deals with a variety of specific areas of sustainable reconstruction: a nursing home for the disabled, knowledge transfer of sustainable technologies, development of a smart village concept, biogas production in municipal wastewater treatment plants, modular kindergartens and educational facilities made of wood. The projects were presented at the final colloquium in the form of short videos, amongst others.

Various parties were involved in the continuing education programme. Companies and private individuals assumed the costs for participation fees and expenses by means of sponsorship, thus making it possible for one or more students to participate in the CAS.

BFH worked with a network of Swiss universities and businesses, Ukrainian educational and research institutions and authorities in both countries. The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) also provided administrative and organisational support for the CAS.

The next CAS “Rebuild Ukraine” will start on 23.10.2023 and is almost fully booked.

Contribution from Telebielingue: INFO from July 5, 2023

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