A Second Life

06.03.2019 On 22 February 2019 the exhibition "A Second Life" about the fate of people who found a new home in Switzerland after 1968 was opened at the BFH.

About 100 guests were present at the opening, among them Czech compatriots, the diplomatic corps and the master students of the BFH who will go on a study trip to Prague in spring. 

The exhibition was opened by Marie Brechbühler Pešková, professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Jochen Schellinger, head of the Master of Business Administration course, Thomas Gees, professor at the University of Applied Sciences, and Irena Valentová, Chargé d'Affaires at the Embassy of the Czech Republic. One of the protagonists of the exhibition, Jaroslav Marek Vejvoda, spoke about his experiences with emigration to Switzerland, which were supplemented by Fiona Ziegler, the director of the accompanying documentary. 
The opening was followed by a lively exchange, which was intensified during the aperitif offered by the Czech Embassy.

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