Cyber Lab

The Cyber Lab has tools and capabilities to perform advanced digital forensics, cyber investigations, cyber threat intelligence, security testing and validation, and more. We specialise in IT infrastructure, hardware, wireless, OT/IIoT, IoT, fintech payment systems, and other technologies.

Specialised services in cybersecurity

The digitisation of society is creating new cybersecurity risks to the safety and privacy of people and organisations.

Criminal gangs and hostile foreign governments are exploiting weaknesses in the world’s digital infrastructure. Private organisations, large and small, are struggling to implement and maintain a secure cyber strategy to protect themselves. Public organisations face challenges investigating cyber criminals, defending the Federation and Kantons from Cyber threats, and developing new laws, regulations, and legislature to protect citizens. These factors are driving the need for research, education and specialised services in cybersecurity. The Institute for Cybersecurity and Engineering (ICE) is in a unique position to address these needs through our comprehensive and advanced Cyber Lab.

We work together with partners and collaborators to analyse and investigate cyber criminal activity, develop secure solutions, and provide cyber security consultancy. We also support other research groups from the BFH as well as teachers, students, and other teams who need cybersecurity relevant lab infrastructure, tools, and capabilities.

Further information

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