Licence for schools and teachers

Thank you for your interest in a RISE licence!

By submitting the form, you are not committing to ordering a licence. Your request will be checked and, if necessary, we will contact you to resolve any outstanding issues. You will then be sent the licence agreement and price quotation. The chargeable order is only deemed complete when you have signed and returned the agreement.


The signatory is the teacher who signs the RISE licence agreement. The signatory selects the type of RISE licence and is responsible for compliance with the agreement, the payment of fees that are due and any renewal of the RISE licence agreement. The signatory of the contract can be a user, but this is not essential.

Signatories and SPOCs may be the same person.

SPOC (Single Person of Contact)

One teacher is defined as the SPOC; this person is the contact for BFH and responsible for administrative matters.


Users are teachers and students who use the RISE software. They have a user account in the RISE software that serves to identify the person using it.

User licence

The user licence gives users access to the RISE software and to the content they are authorised to use. All users require a valid user licence in order to work with the RISE software.