Testing services involving condition surveys and condition monitoring

We perform condition surveys to assess your buildings and prepare reinforcement, refurbishment and monitoring measures.

A major proportion of construction work today takes place in existing buildings. By appraising the condition of the building beforehand, this reduces the risk of cost increases during construction or thereafter. We map the structural interrelationships of your buildings, assess the load-bearing capacity and fitness for purpose and reveal any damage to structural components.

Range of services

We offer the following services:

Condition survey and appraisal

  • Supporting structure (statically constructive, deformations, damage, joint connections)
  • Building physics (climate conditions, thermal bridges)
  • Hidden constructions (using thermography, x-rays, endoscopy, drilling resistance measurement)
  • Condition of wood (infestation of wood-destroying fungi and wood pests, glue joint quality, wood moisture)

Permanent monitoring (building monitoring)

  • Wood moisture
  • Climate
  • Deformations


  • Reinforcement or refurbishment measures
  • Monitoring concepts
  • Costs

ll orders are carried out by qualified professionals from the relevant specialist field and treated confidentially.

Based on our many years of experience in the preparation of expert opinions, we draft expert reports for courts as well as for cantonal monument preservation agencies.


In addition to laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment, mobile facilities are also available to enable us to carry out service and development orders with a high degree of proficiency. These include:

  • Diverse wood moisture and climate monitoring technology with remote transmission
  • Calibrated drilling resistance measuring device (resistograph)
  • Mobile X-ray
  • Endoscope
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Timber Grader MTG
  • Ultrasonic measuring devices
  • Universal testing machine with maximum forces of 2.5 kN to 250 kN
  • Equipment for shear testing to EN SN 14080:2013 Annex D (accredited by SAS)
  • Delamination testing equipment to EN SN 14080:2013 Annex C
  • Core extraction devices


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