Agricultural and Process Engineering

We research practical solutions meeting the technological needs of farmers and agricultural contractors.

We address both actual agricultural engineering and process engineering in crop production. Specifically, we explore issues in drive technology, terramechanics, resource conservation and electronics/sensor technology.


We offer services in the following areas:

  • Contract research in driving dynamics
  • Moderation of professional workshops
  • Continuing education courses for agricultural engineering and sales personnel
  • Soil compaction/terramechanics/tire pressure regulation systems
  • Research and advice on sustainable production systems
  • Fundamental work on alternative, non-contact weed control
  • Development and application of smart farming technology
  • Harvesting and processing plant biomass


Agricultural engineering

Engine/transmission technology, hydraulics, process chains in foreign trade, efficiency of agricultural engineering, eco-drive and logistics in agriculture, machine/process costs


Efficient power transfer, traction improvement, reduction of ground pressure and soil compaction, soil restructuring

Resource conservation

Soil conservation, sustainable cultivation systems, alternative non-contact weed control, biodiversity

Electronics, sensor technology

Site-specific farm management, control technology, automation


We have a well-equipped shop in which we can build and modify prototypes.


Green manuring and soil-conserving crop production in maize

A key priority of the research project is the targeted selection of overwintering green manure crops that cover the ground quickly and reliably, can be controlled easily and without herbicides, and support the growth of the subsequent maize crop. We are investigating the best way to grow these winter-hardy species in terms of sowing time and how they perform in a sustainable production system with maize under different environmental conditions, in particular if they are to be controlled mechanically. We are also looking at the influence of the various cultivation methods and green manure crops on maize development.

Terranimo® – a web-based model for estimating soil compaction risk

Along with erosion, soil compaction due to driving heavy machinery on cropland is considered one of the greatest threats to soil fertility. The Terranimo® program is free and available online. Together with the ‘Soil Conservation in Agriculture’ enforcement aid, it is the official instrument of the Swiss Confederation for calculating the risk of soil compaction under farm machinery. Terranimo® is a joint development of BFH-HAFL, Agroscope, Aarhus University (Denmark) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Thanks to a steady flow of new research projects, the program is being continuously upgraded and improved. Farmers, agricultural contractors, agricultural consultants and instructors at agricultural colleges are the key target users of Terranimo®.



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