Control of high speed processes

Our area of expertise includes the planning, commissioning and operation of wireless and wired data networks with high levels of availability, functional security and real-time capability.

Our research group

Our partners are the users of IT, factory and automation networks in industry and business. We ensure dependable and secure connections from your machinery to the cloud-based central server – regardless of whether it’s an industrial bus or a WLAN.

Our partners are users of IT, factory and automation networks in industry and commerce. We enable reliable and secure connections, from your machine to the central server or to the cloud. No matter whether it is an industrial bus or a WLAN.

Range of services

Is your data in the wrong location or do you have general questions about the security of your network? Various types of project are available depending on the scale of your task.

  • Subsidised projects
  • Direct assignments
  • Projects with students

We also provide a wide range of training and seminars.

Areas of expertise

  • The design and extension of industrial networks
  • Set-up of industrial gateways for remote access
  • Transmission of measurement data in industrial buses


We use a variety of products and technologies made by different manufacturers for training and the development of various industrial network connections.

We can carry out measurements with time resolution of 20 ns and provide signal imaging, topology detection, long-term statistics and automatic measurement reports for PROFIBUS networks. Our measuring equipment enables ethernet telegrams with a resolution up to 20 ns to be measured.

Measurement and analysis of wireless networks in the ISM band.


Contact us or meet our experts in person at various events. Collaboration produces win-win outcomes for everyone concerned – your company, society and the university.