Identity and Access Management (IAM)

We are involved in various national and international research projects focusing on IAM, electronic identities and signatures, identity federation and privacy protection.

Our research group

The results produced by our research group – usually implemented technically or in prototypes – are used to validate the theoretical knowledge acquired and make it tangible in the real world.

Range of services

In tandem with our partners, we develop innovative IAM solutions for all areas of digital society based both on existing standards and the latest research findings.

Possible forms of collaboration:

  • Research projects (CTI, SNF, Horizon 2020)
  • Direct mandates on security studies and prototype implementation
  • Consulting on the improvement of IAM systems
  • Supervision of master and bachelor degree theses from business and industry

Areas of expertise

  • IAM and identity federation concepts (SAML, OIDC, WS*, FIDO)
  • Standardisation of IAM in e-government (eCH)
  • Electronic identities and two-factor authentication
  • Electronic signatures
  • Protection of privacy


Contact us or meet our experts in person at various events. Collaboration produces win-win outcomes for everyone concerned – your company, society and the university.