Laboratory for vehicle emissions and powertrain

Our laboratory is specialised in powertrain and emission measurements. We provide these services and carry out certifications. Our activities also include research and development (R&D).

The measurements are performed in a controlled environment (on engine test benches or chassis dynamometers) and under real in-use conditions (real driving emissions, in-use emission testing), using specific instrumentation.

Our Laboratory

Among other things, our laboratory carries out legal measurements and several projects in the field of "Vehicles and Environment" for the industry and public authorities. In addition, we carry out tests for the certification of diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems, which are intended for on-road and off-road use. Our laboratory equipment enables the measurement of limited and non-limited exhaust components.


The range of services offered by the engine laboratories and the exhaust gas testing centre includes:

  • R&D work on engines or vehicles (according to the technical competencies, see below)
  • Quality inspections and R&D work on exhaust aftertreatment systems for gasoline and diesel engines
  • Legal exhaust emission tests for 2-, 3- and 4- wheel vehicles up to 3.5t total weight (incl. RDE)
  • R&D work on electric and hybrid vehicles


R & D of combustion engines

  • Mixture formation
  • Injection systems Otto/Diesel
  • Combustion
  • Supercharging
  • Exhaust gas aftertreatment
  • Variable valve timings

Particle filters and deNOx systems

  • Quality (DPF, GPF, SCRF)
  • Application
  • VERT & LRV Filter Test
  • VERT & LRV secondary emission test
  • Nanoparticles
  • LRV = Clean Air Ordinance

Alternative fuels

  • Motor efficiency
  • Regulated and unregulated emissions
  • Influences on lubricating oil
  • Toxicity (Network Collaboration)

Limited and unlimited emissions from engines in other applications:

  • Hand-held equipment, 2-wheelers
  • Working and agricultural machines
  • Locomotives, ships
  • Real driving emissions (RDE)
  • Emission factors

Electric and hybrid vehicles

  • Energy consumption
  • Emissions
  • Driving behaviour
  • Development potentials 

Legal exhaust emission tests

  • Legal exhaust emission tests for 2-, 3- and 4- wheel vehicles up to 3.5t total weight (incl. nanoparticles & RDE)


Chassis dynamometers:

  • chassis dynamometer 1

for legal exhaust gas measurements
4 wheels drive
max speed 180 km/h
wheelbase 1600 - 4200 mm
max axle load 2000 kg

  • chassis dynamometer 2

for legal exhaust gas measurements
2 wheels drive
max speed 200 km/h
Light duty vehicle + 2-wheelers
max axle load 2000 kg

Engine dynamometers:

  • engine dyno (diesel)

200kW, 1750Nm, 5'500 rpm
Schenk W450 - eddy current brake

  • engine dyno (diesel)

200kW, 970Nm, 4'500 rpm
ABB - asynchronous load machine

  • engine dyno  (gasoline/gas)

40kW, 75Nm, 17'000 rpm
Schenk W40 - eddy current brake

  • small engine dyno (chain saw)

12kW,  5'700 – 30'000 rpm
Vibrometer 2WB65 | eddy current brake

for didactics use: +4 engine dynos
(gas turbine, locomotive engine, 2x car engines)  


PEMS - Portable Emission Measurement System
for on-road or off-road exhaust gas measurements.


Wet measurement of
CO, CO2 - heated NDIR
NOx, NO, NO2 - heated-dual CLD
THC -  heated FID
& pitot flow meter for engine exhaust flow measurements


PEMS - Portable Emission Measurement System
for on-road or off-road exhaust gas measurements.


Portable solid nanoparticles counter for vehicle exhaust emission measurements.

Precision Balance

Mettler Toledo      


Maximum Capacity

 64100 g


0.1 g


weighing of DPF (soot load)  


Micro Balance

Mettler Toledo  


Maximum Capacity

2.1 g


0.0000001 g = 0.1 μg


weighing of filters (PM emissions)

Exhaust Gas Control

About us

  • Swiss Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE Switzerland
  • Austrian Society of Automotive Engineers, ÖVK
  • American Society of Automotive Engineers, SAE
  • Swiss Society of Fuels and Lubricants, SSM
  • Swiss Highschool Professional Group for IC-Engines(secretary), HKV
  • Swiss Expert Group for Nanoparticulates & Swiss Aerosol Group (SAG)
  • Swiss Governmental Expert Group on Exhaust Gas Problems of Vehicles, 
  • (measurement & legislation, FGAM)
  • Automotive Competence Network (ACN), Switzerland


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