Different eID solutions in Europe severely limit the potential benefits of secure transactions on the internet. With Stork 2.0, a uniform European identification and authentication space should be created.



On the basis of Stork 1.0, the technical implementation was shown in four pilot projects and the potential benefits demonstrated. In addition, specific concepts for marketing and the sustainable operation of eID solutions were developed.

Course of action

BFH was heavily involved in the project by leading the e-banking pilot project and co-leading the service design work package. The connection of SuisseID to the Stork framework was an important project requirement that was realised at the beginning. The clarification of the legal and technical requirements, the technical implementation of the pilots and the commercial conception of the service enabled a deepening of the competences in the area of digital identity.


The project demonstrated the European compatibility of SuisseID in the pilot applications eBanking and eHealth and realised the necessary infrastructure. The project also enabled the establishment of a network with specialists and decision-makers in Europe. As the work package manager for the eBanking pilot and the service design, BFH contributed to the successful implementation of the entire European research project.