WimIN Women and ICT

In the project we investigated the professional biographical experiences of young female ICT professionals. From the results, we derived recommendations for universities and companies to facilitate the career entry of young women.


  • Lead school Business School
  • Institute Institute for New Work
  • Research unit Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Funding organisation Others
  • Duration 01.02.2013 - 30.04.2015
  • Project management Prof. Isabelle Clerc
  • Head of project Prof. Isabelle Clerc
  • Project staff Simone Artho
    Prof. Isabelle Clerc
  • Partner Adnovum AG
    Swisscom AG
    IPT Consulting
    Credit Suisse
    Mathys & Scheitlin AG
    Die Mobiliar
  • Keywords Gender, Business Informatics, qualitative research, Vocational beginners


Based on the research results and together with partners from practice, recommendations for the training phase as well as for the entry or transfer of the 'career starters' into the ICT working world will be developed.

Course of action

In the WimIN project, we talk to young women (and men) who have chosen a career in ICT. The study contents as well as the students' career ideas and images, the organisation of work in ICT professions and the problems of compatibility of professions in business information technology are examined.


In our study we were able to show that the lack of women in ICT is the result of a complex interplay of identity-forming personal and structural and cultural factors. The 'engagement' of women in an ICT profession often fails not only because of personal inclinations and interests. On the basis of our empirical research, we were able to identify numerous areas of tension and contradictions, but also concrete fields of action.

Looking ahead

A follow-up project on 'Gendered Organization' in ICT is in preparation.