MA 3D-Reproduktion

The original reproducion of fragile art and culture objects can conservate original objects in using the reproduction instead of the original.


  • Lead school Bern Academy of the Arts
  • Additional schools School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Institute Institute Materiality in Art and Culture 
    Institut für Drucktechnologie IDT
  • Research unit Conservation Techniques
    Technology in Art and Culture
  • Funding organisation BFH
  • Duration 01.03.2014 - 31.10.2015
  • Project management Prof. Sebastian Dobrusskin
  • Head of project Katja Friese
  • Project staff Karl-Heinz Selbmann
    Brigitte Lienert-Pärli
    Katja Friese
    Prof. Sebastian Dobrusskin
    Marc Egger
  • Partner Moulagenmuseum der Universität Zürich und des Universitätsspitals Zürich
    Moulagenmuseum der Universität Zürich und des Universitätsspitals Zürich
  • Keywords 3D-scanning, 3D-printing in wax; contactless digital reproduction of fragile wax objects.


One aim was to use 3D scanning as contactless digital reproduction. The 3D-printing should conform in qualitiy says in sctructure, haptic, material and color with the original wax object.

Course of action

A scan was made for a reproduction of a medical moulage by using a Breuckmann Smartscasn HE. The surface scattering of the wax caused difficulties to scan the object quickly, so it was necessary to modify scanning. For printing in wax there have to be a material evolution. Original recipes have to be modified. There have to be tests for the viscosity, dropwatching and slicing. The printing system and software always have to be checked.


The Breuckmann Smartscan HE is a very good medium to scan original Object in 3-D. The datas of reproduction can be used as printing datas. It was possible to print in wax but the original recipts can`t be hold. The surface, haptic and material is like the original optik but in details the stuctur is not so fine and some parties of skin are not reproduce. A coloring after printing is designed difficult.

Looking ahead

A scan of 3D-Data is a very good possibility to record original datas. For best quality of a replik in haptik and structure it wood be good to work with a model. For further projects there have to be tests in this topic.