Supporting the startup Leoba GmbH - innovative software for childcare facilities

To develop an innovative administrative software and successfully place it in the market – this requires various competences. On behalf of the Hightech Zentrum Aargau, we support Leoba GmbH in critical stages.



Administrating childcare facilities is complex and requires a lot of time that employees would rather use to take care of the children. A digital solution is needed that simplifies the interaction with the parents as well as the internal organization in the institution. The goal is improved communication and collaboration, reducing the time needed! Leoba GmbH analyzed the demand – the demand is high – and developed an approach for a digital solution. This needs to be implemented and sold after that. By doing that, a solution of high quality should be created which is easy to understand and easy to use. Even when the new solution will be of higher quality than others, providers will try to stop the start-up’s success as they make money selling their solution without having immense costs. After the successful development of the solution, the market positioning will be second big challenge of the project.

Course of action

BFH supports the start-up Leoba GmbH in critical stages: with the specifications, the architecture design, with the testing of the product, with the design of the market presence with a clear focus on Swissness as well as the challenges arising with the market entry. BFH acts on behalf of the Hightech Zentrum Aargau. It is crucial to bring in technical design expertise, regulatory knowledge as well as entrepreneurial experience. BFH has all three competences from various digital projects in research and development, from national and international innovation projects and studies as well as their own entrepreneurial experience of the lecturers.

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 4: Quality education