Social Sustainability in Higher Education

The project Social Sustainability in Higher Education is aimed at the development of a profession-specific competence profile of social sustainability for social work and nursing, as well as corresponding educational contents and forms.



The sustainability discourse often refers to ecological as well as economic aspects. Social sustainability as a third dimension is often neglected. In nursing as well as in social work, aspects of social sustainability are in the focus due to profession-related factors.

Course of action

In a first part, a definition of social sustainability is developed and general and profession-specific issues and challenges are derived. Subsequently, profession-specific competence profiles will be developed, which will be used for the adaptation and further development of existing curricula as well as for the development of new educational contents and forms.


The project contributes to the clarification of the concept of social sustainability in higher education and the corresponding competencies of the two professions. The key findings are expected to contribute throughout the university to make the topic of social sustainability visible and anchored in education.

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 3: Good health and well-being