Swiss Foodcoop Network


  • Lead school Bern Academy of the Arts
  • Institute Institute of Design Research
  • Research unit Entrepreneurship and Creative Economies
  • Funding organisation SNSF
  • Duration (planned) 01.07.2023 - 30.06.2024
  • Project management Florian Jakober
  • Head of project Florian Jakober
  • Project staff Urs Hofer
    Arno Schlipf
    Johannes Wicki


Few people in Switzerland today are able to afford eating in a way that is consistently sustainable. The “Swiss Foodcoop Network” offers a solution. Its radically simple model can make organic food accessible and affordable to everyone. What Gottlieb Duttweiler did 100 years ago with his Migros busses and flyers, we are doing today with digitalisation and a sense of community.