Trade Promotion Event World of Coffee

Trade Promotion Event in the frame of 2023 World of Coffee, Athens Greece


  • Lead school School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences
  • Institute HAFL Institut Hugo P. Cecchini
  • Research unit International Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Funding organisation Others
  • Duration 12.06.2023 - 16.06.2023
  • Project management Dr. Ingrid Fromm
  • Head of project Dr. Ingrid Fromm
  • Project staff Dr. Ingrid Fromm
  • Partner Swisscontact
  • Keywords Access to markets and value chains


The objective of the mandate is to organize a 2-day tour of local importers, roasters, and cafes in Switzerland, in the frame of the World of Coffee Expo, with the aim of introducing and promoting positive attributes of specialty coffee micro and larger lots from Honduras to importers, roasters, cuppers, and other attendees.

Course of action

The assignment includes the following tasks: - Organize a 2-day tour of local importers, roasteries, and cafes in Switzerland, June 14-16, 2023. - Contact importers, roasters, and cafes to organize the logistics of the coffee roaster tour. - Coordinate Tour - Prepare a follow-up report of visitation sites, with contacts

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 1: No poverty
  • 5: Gender equality
  • 8: Decent work and economic growth