Social Participation

BFH wants to make a clearly recognisable positive contribution to the sustainable development of society. It imposes this requirement on itself through the values defined in the guiding principles, thereby going beyond the general technical and methodological objectives of the service areas. A mutual, partnership-based exchange of knowledge, ideas, experience, innovations and technologies with other universities as well as partners and decision-makers from politics, administration, culture, civil society and business, but also internally with staff and students, is therefore a central concern of BFH.

The focus should be on the exchange and transfer of knowledge, answering current questions from society and politics, and raising awareness and strengthening sustainable values and cooperation with business and society. However, this dialogue should not only serve to bring the values, knowledge and sustainability competences of BFH more strongly into society, but also to take up sustainability impulses from society for its own work in all four areas of performance. Together with the other three fields of action, BFH thus assumes its social responsibility as a university.