Course summary

The bachelor’s course in Theatre is a broadly-based education. It encompasses various aspects of the theatre, from the artistic concept to practical realisation and the theoretical approaches. Students develop the most important skills for their own theatre work. At the same time they are able to apply active criticism to the aesthetic, qualitative and methodological aspects of the theatre.

In addition to acquiring acting skills, project work forms an important part of the course. It promotes insights into all stages of a theatrical production, develops competences in project management and – supplemented by interaction with contemporary and historical theatre practice and theory – builds the foundations for independent activity in the theatrical world.  The syllabus covers the areas of body, voice, production, theory and media. It is concluded with a practical project.

In the bachelor’s course, students develop an individual professional profile, making this the basis of their specialisation in the subsequent master’s programme.


Title / Qualification Bachelor of Arts in Theatre
Program study options Full-time
Language(s) of instruction German
Campus(es) Bern
Professional qualification No. To establish an independent theatrical career at a high level of specialisation, the follow-on Master of Arts in Theatre is required.
Course begins Week 8
Deadline for applicationsApplication deadline for the Bachelor program
Subsequent master programMaster of Arts in Theatre

Master of Arts in Contemporary Arts Practice


The Bachelor degree in Theatre/Acting is a first artistic qualification within the framework of a broad, foundational theatre education. With this degree, the graduates acquire the basic skills necessary for work at a German-speaking professional theatre or in radio, film or television. Furthermore, the independent development of projects and their realization are part of the curriculum. Bachelor graduates have the possibility to apply for subsequent Master studies and, thus, to specialize at a high level.


Today, there is no longer a precise concept of the profession awaiting graduates. The professional opportunities for theatre creators are manifold, but the competition in the job market is tough. Apart from steady employments at theatres, freelance artistic work is becoming increasingly important. Flexibility and the continuous will to learn are the basic requirements for success as an artist.

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Wolfram Heberle

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