Midwifery for qualified nurses

We offer an adapted bachelor of midwifery course for students with a nursing qualification. As a midwife with a bachelor’s degree, you will prepare women and couples to take responsibility for their transition into motherhood and parenthood. You will care for women and their families during pregnancy, delivery and following birth.

This degree programme:

  • prepares you for critical tasks in midwifery, both independently and in close collaboration with other healthcare specialists,
  • provides you with a solid knowledge base that you will apply in real-life settings and later in the field,
  • teaches you to think critically and provide scientific reasoning for your professional decisions,
  • equips you with expert knowledge of the interdisciplinary facets of modern midwifery, preparing you to enter the workforce as a trained professional,
  • qualifies you to develop and apply solution-oriented methods, both independently and in interprofessional groups,
  • allows you to enrol in a specialisation or consecutive master’s degree programme in midwifery following graduation.

Portrait Bachelor of Science Midwifery


  • Title/Degree Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  • Specialisations None
  • Mode of study Part-time studies (5 semesters)
  • Start date February 2021
  • Application deadline 15 July 2020
  • ECTS credits 180 ECTS credits (the bachelor’s degree programme in midwifery provides 120 ECTS credits, with an additional 60 calculated from your diploma in midwifery)
  • Study language German
  • Location Bern
  • Department Health Professions