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Many tasks call for interdisciplinary solutions today. In order to better address these requirements in the future, BFH aims to concentrate and strengthen its competencies in four specific areas on the basis of established research groups. The BFH centres offer answers to current and future social and technological issues and are unique in Switzerland in the way they are set up or their holistic approach.

Wood – Resource and Material

The BFH Centre for Wood – Resource and Material researches and promotes ecologically and economically efficient solutions for the innovative forest stewardship and the intelligent use of wood. This covers forest management and husbandry to harvesting and refining wood into high-performance multifunctional materials and applications and energy-efficient wood buildings – as well as the conservation of existing buildings and historic, culturally important wood constructions.

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Food Systems

The BFH Centre for Food Systems combines research and development on the most important issues related to healthy, high-quality food production – throughout the entire value chain. This includes optimising production systems in crop farming and animal husbandry, developing, producing and marketing innovative foodstuffs and analysing consumer behaviour.

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Social Security

The BFH Centre for Social Security takes a multi-disciplinary approach to addressing the social risks involved in illness, invalidity, old age, family and children, unemployment, housing and social exclusion. Its remit is to devise research-based innovative concepts to optimise the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall social security system.

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Technologies in Sports and Medicine

In an application-oriented approach, the BFH centre for Technologies in Sports and Medicine is involved in research and development in the field of competitive sports, rehabilitation, medical engineering and prevention. Researchers are committed to achieving, rehabilitating or promoting physical and coordinative performance in daily life, at work and in sport and in supporting medical diagnostics.

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Arts in Context

The BFH Centre for Arts in Context develops solutions for the practical deployment of arts in culture, society, administration and business – from creation and interpretation through to dissemination and preservation.​ 

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Digital Society

​The BFH Centre for the Digital Society develops ICT solutions and concepts designed to promote intelligent, secure and fair use of information in all sectors of society, business and politics.​

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Energy Storage

The BFH-CSEM Energy Storage Research Centre researches and develops solutions for storing electricity to provide energy and power modes of transport. These solutions will enable us to feed renewable energies from decentralised power producers into the Swiss supply grid and to use electricity in place of fossil fuels in vehicles. The objective is to better exploit the potential of sustainable sources of energy such as photovoltaic and wind power. ​

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