eGovernment Institute

Information technology has led to fundamental changes in information management opportunities and will continue to lead to considerable changes in future. This change applies to business and private life in equal measure. It means new challenges for government, but also creates new organisational opportunities. In the area of e-Government, we thus focus on two basic questions: what will the government of the future be like? And how can we get there? The answers do not lie in the political or technical sphere, but in the technopolitical sphere.


Areas of research

  • Development of sample architectures (blueprints) and interdisciplinary architectural design methods for the government of the future
  • Development of experimental new forms of democratic transparency and co-determination, as well as innovative management concepts for public administration



Institute for Corporate and Business Development

The Institute for Corporate Development offers support to large and small organisations in Switzerland and abroad based on the latest scientific findings and many years of practical experience. Experts from various disciplines guarantee a comprehensive perspective in response to individual client concerns. This optimum interplay results in market-driven solutions in the fields of research, consultancy, coaching, evaluation, study preparation, training and further education.


Areas of research

  • Digital and social transformation
  • Complexity in economic and social institutions and systems
  • New world of work
  • Strategy work, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Values, sustainability and resilience
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