Foot Biomechanics and Technology

The Foot Biomechanics and Technology Group concerns oneself with gaining a better understanding of foot biomechanics and related complaints and evaluating or developing therapy options with a focus on applying current technology to the assessment and therapy of the locomotor system and orthotics.

It’s part of our mission bringing the lab to patients, physiotherapists, clinicians or orthopaedic technicians: we aim to apply latest technological developments to transfer objective assessment of movement biomechanics and neuromuscular control from the laboratory into the clinical routine to further build evidence in physical therapy. Currently, the group is working on the topic of relationships between plantar pressure, foot and lower extremity kinematics and associated complaints with the overall goal to optimize foot orthoses and physiotherapeutic interventions.



  • Heiner Baur, PhD
  • Adrien Cerrito, PT, PhD
  • Lorenz Radlinger, PhD
  • Michelle Müller, PT, BSc (MSc student, BFH)
  • Nicole Hutmacher, PT, BSc (MSc student, BFH)
  • Stefano Pasquali, BSc student Micro- and Medical Technology, BFH
  • Sulayla Karadeniz, BSc student Medical Informatics, BFH
  • Louise Ding, BSc student Medical Informatics, BFH
  • Selina Burch, BSc (MSc student, ETHZ)
  • Anne-Sarah Dysli, PT, BSc (MSc student, BFH)
  • Nathalie Sany, PT, BSc (MSc student, BFH)


  • Johannes Gruppe, PT, MSc
  • Mario Rohrer, PT, MSc
  • Silvia Minder, PT, MSc
  • Bettina Berger, PT, MSc
  • Simone Hänni, PT, MSc
  • Anja Brun, PT, MSc
  • Beatrice Eggertswyler, PT, MSc
  • Jana Frangi, PT, MSc
  • Larissa Zesiger, PT, MSc
  • Thomas Heutschi, MSc Biomed Eng
  • Johannes Pohl, PT, MSc
  • Nicole Lutz, PT, MSc
  • Nino Sutter, MSc Biomed Eng
  • Alexander Imhof, PT, BSc
  • Bettina Meyer, PT, BSc
  • Malin Hulliger, PT, BSc
  • Pascal Kolly, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology
  • Dayene Studer, PT, BSc
  • Debora Lambelet, PT, BSc
  • Natacha Chavaillaz, PT, BSc
  • Stefan Rutschmann, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology
  • Janina Kästli, PT, BSc
  • Corinne Kaufmann, PT, BSc
  • Luca Bortolotti, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology
  • Aurélien Pittet, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology
  • Marion Bohnenblust, PT, BSc
  • Eveline Kaufmann, PT, BSc
  • Sira Woodtli, PT, BSc
  • Julien McEvoy, PT, BSc
  • Cédric Simonin, PT, BSc
  • Kaspar Scherler, PT, BSc
  • Mirjam Shibli, PT, BSc
  • Martin Hiltbrand, PT, BSc
  • Kevin Marcus, PT, BSc
  • Lara Piers, MSc Biomed Eng
  • Philippe Bähler, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology
  • Pascal Kolly, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology


Master's thesis or internship

For current master thesis or internship opportunities, please contact the group head directly.

Ongoing collaborations

  • Ortho-Team AG (Adrian Bosshard)
  • Praxisklinik Rennbahn AG (Dr. Marlene Mauch)
  • BFH Institute for Medical Informatics I4MI (Dr. Kerstin Denecke)
  • BFH Institute for Human Centered Engineering - Biomedical Engineering Lab (Dr. Jörn Justiz)
  • BFH Institute for Human Centered Engineering - Robotics Lab (Dr. Gabriel Gruener)
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen - Exercise Science (Dr. Michael Romann)
  • Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology, Bern University Hospital (Inselspital) (Dr. med. Emanuel Liechti)
  • Department of Diagnostic, Interventional and Pediatric Radiology, Bern University Hospital (Inselspital) (PD Dr. med. Jasmin Busch)


Current projects

  • Movement analysis in running injuries – Implications for orthotic device configuration?
    Cooperation with Ortho-Team AG
    PI: Patric Eichelberger, PhD
    Sponsor: Unfunded
  • Fusing intrinsic foot motion and plantar pressure patterns – A better approach for foot function diagnostics?
    Cooperation with Praxisklinik Rennbahn AG
    PI: Patric Eichelberger, PhD
    Sponsor: Unfunded
  • Accelerometry-based measurement of time to stabilization – Enhancing feasibility of dynamic postural stability assessment in clinical settings.
    PI: Patric Eichelberger, PhD
    Sponsor: Unfunded
  • Bone age assessment by ultrasound – Development of a standardized method for in-field assessment.
    PI: Eva Rüeger, MSc (Swiss Federal Institute of Sport Magglingen)
    Involved member(s) of Foot Biomechanics and Technology Research Group: Patric Eichelberger, PhD (Project partner)
    Sponsor: Unfunded
  • Der ORTHO-TEAM Dorsallift. Eine innovative Lösung zur Behandlung des plantaren Fersenschmerzes.
    PI: Heiner Baur, PhD
    Sponsor: Innosuisse (Projekt 38317.1 IP-LS).
  • Patient-specific surgical planning of torsional leg deformities using MRI, 3D gait analysis and musculoskeletal simulation for young patients with knee or hip pain to improve patient outcomes.
    PI: Emanuel Liechti, MD (Bern University Hospital)
    Involved member(s) of Foot Biomechanics and Technology Research Group: Patric Eichelberger, PhD (Project partner)
    Sponsor: CTU Research Grant, Bern University Hospital (Inselspital)
  • Association between running biomechanics, running economy and running related injury.
    PI: Adrien Cerrito, PhD
    Sponsor: Unfunded
  • Sportklettern – Biomechanik, Training, Diagnostik und Therapie
    PI: Lorenz Radlinger, PhD
    Sponsor: Unfunded

Completed projects

  • CAFOpt - Carbon Ankle-Foot Orthoses Optimization: Minimierung des Bruchrisikos bei patientenspezifischen Karbon-Sprunggelenkfederorthesen unter Berücksichtigung der optimalen Federsteifigkeit zur Unterstützung des Gangbildes (Cooperation with the Ortho-Team AG, Bern; Funding: swissuniversities P-11 Doppeltes Kompetenzprofil)
  • SpaDisQuA - The spatial distribution of quadriceps muscle activity - a pilot study investigating the effects of altered contraction intensity and time (Masterthesis, Funding: none)
  • Effect of playing period on the neck Muscle Onset Time after checking in Swiss male amateur Ice HOCkey – A prospective pilot study (Masterthesis, Founding: none)
  • Enhanced. neuromuscular assessment of the pelvic floor muscle with a flexible highdensity surface EMG probe and electroqnatomica.l mapping - A modelting and. simulation studg (Founding: SNF Spark
  • Effects of manual therapy techniques on neuromuscular and postural control in patients with chronic ankle instability (Masterthesis, Funding: none)
  • Validation of the Cometa WaveTrack IMU system to measure joint angles during various activities (Masterthesis, Funding: none)
  • Der vermessene Tubaspieler. Digitalisierung der Mensch-Instrument-Ergonomie (Coinvestigator; Cooperation BFH-HKB; Funding: BFH Call for Proposals 2019 (BFH internal grant))
  • Properties of sensomotoric training devices - Influence of various design parameters on the device behavior during different exercise tasks (Bachelorthesis, Funding: none)
  • Movement Analysis of Stairway Walking - a pilot study investigating the influence of inand out-toeing on the neuromuscular control and loading of the knee joint (Masterthesis, Funding: none)
  • GaitLApp - Gait Laboratory Application: Entwicklung einer grafischen Benutzeroberfläche zur einfachen Erstellung von Ganglaborberichten (Cooperation with the Ortho-Team AG, Bern; Funding: swissuniversities P-11 Doppeltes Kompetenzprofil)
  • The CurePPaC Study analyzing non-surgical treatment strategies to Cure Pes Planovalgus associated Complaints (Co-investigator; Funding: SNF Project 140928)
  • Development of an active balance board with visual feedback for sensomotoric training (Masterthesis, Funding: none)