Foot Biomechanics and Technology

The Foot Biomechanics and Technology Group concerns oneself with gaining a better understanding of foot biomechanics and related complaints and evaluating or developing therapy options with a focus on applying current technology to the assessment and therapy of the locomotor system and orthotics.



  • Heiner Baur, PhD
  • Slavko Rogan, PhD
  • Angela Blasimann, PT, MSc (PhD candidate)
  • Patrick Zuberbühler, Orthopedic Technician (Ortho-Team AG)
  • Judith Birrer, MSc Sport Science Research (Ortho-Team AG)
  • Johannes Gruppe, PT, BSc (MSc student)
  • Simone Hänni, PT, BSc (MSc student)
  • Anja Brun, PT, BSc (MSc student)
  • Mario Rohrer, PT, BSc (MSc student)
  • Silvia Minder, PT, BSc (MSc student)
  • Bettina Berger, PT, (MSc student)
  • Cédric Simonin, (BSc PT student)
  • Kaspar Scherler (BSc PT student)
  • Mirjam Shibli (BSc PT student)
  • Martin Hiltbrand (BSc PT student)
  • Kevin Marcus (BSc PT student)


  • Beatrice Eggertswyler, PT, MSc
  • Jana Frangi, PT, MSc
  • Larissa Zesiger, PT, MSc
  • Thomas Heutschi, MSc Biomed Eng
  • Johannes Pohl, PT, MSc
  • Nicole Lutz, PT, MSc
  • Nino Sutter, MSc Biomed Eng
  • Alexander Imhof, PT, BSc
  • Bettina Meyer, PT, BSc
  • Malin Hulliger, PT, BSc
  • Pascal Kolly, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology
  • Dayene Studer, PT, BSc
  • Debora Lambelet, PT, BSc
  • Natacha Chavaillaz, PT, BSc
  • Stefan Rutschmann, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology
  • Janina Kästli, PT, BSc
  • Corinne Kaufmann, PT, BSc
  • Luca Bortolotti, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology
  • Aurélien Pittet, BSc Micro- and Medical Technology
  • Marion Bohnenblust, PT, BSc
  • Eveline Kaufmann, PT, BSc
  • Sira Woodtli, PT, BSc
  • Julien McEvoy, PT, BSc



Selected journal publications

  • Blasimann, Angela, Patric Eichelberger, Nicole Lutz, Lorenz Radlinger, and Heiner Baur. 2018. “Intra- and Interday Reliability of the Dynamic Navicular Rise, a New Measure for Dynamic Foot Function: A Descriptive, Cross-Sectional Laboratory Study.” Foot (Edinburgh, Scotland) 37 (December): 48–53.
  • Eichelberger, Patric, Johannes Pohl, Theo Jaspers, Matteo Ferraro, Fabian Krause, and Heiner Baur. 2018. “Cranio-Caudal and Medio-Lateral Navicular Translation Are Representative Surrogate Measures of Foot Function in Asymptomatic Adults During Walking.” PloS One 13 (12): e0208175.
  • Eichelberger, P., A. Blasimann, N. Lutz, F. Krause, and H. Baur. 2018. “A Minimal Markerset for Three-Dimensional Foot Function Assessment: Measuring Navicular Drop and Drift Under Dynamic Conditions.” Journal of Foot and Ankle Research 11 (15).
  • Eichelberger, P., M. Ferraro, U. Minder, T. Denton, A. Blasimann, F. Krause, and H. Baur. 2016. “Analysis of Accuracy in Optical Motion Capture – a Protocol for Laboratory Setup Evaluation.” Journal Article. Journal of Biomechanics.
  • Lerch, Till D, Patric Eichelberger, Heiner Baur, Florian Schmaranzer, Emanuel F Liechti, Joe M Schwab, Klaus A Siebenrock, and Moritz Tannast. 2019. “Prevalence and Diagnostic Accuracy of in-Toeing and Out-Toeing of the Foot for Patients with Abnormal Femoral Torsion and Femoroacetabular Impingement: Implications for Hip Arthroscopy and Femoral Derotation Osteotomy.” The Bone & Joint Journal 101-B (10): 1218–29.
  • Pohl, J., T. Jaspers, M. Ferraro, F. Krause, H. Baur, and P. Eichelberger. 2018. “The Influence of Gait and Speed on the Dynamic Navicular Drop – a Cross Sectional Study on Healthy Subjects.” The Foot 36 (April): 67–73.