Modernizing VET in Agriculture in Armenia 2021-2030

The project aims to further develop country-wide work-based learning modalities, to strengthen VET- institutions and modernize the regulatory framework. This shall enable VET graduates better establish their own business or find employment.



The MAVETA project improves the knowledge and skills of professionals and students in agriculture and related fields. It supports the development of the legal and institutional framework for dual-track vocational education and training, which combines working in a company with lessons in the vocational school. VET colleges and their A-VET teachers will organize and facilitate co-creation and knowledge exchange processes among important stakeholders in different agricultural value chains.Thus, it contributes to sustainable, climate-friendly and inclusive growth, increased incomes, and enhanced (self)employment in rural Armenia.

Dieses Projekt leistet einen Beitrag zu den folgenden SDGs

  • 4: Hochwertige Bildung
  • 8: Menschenwürdige Arbeit und Wirtschaftswachstum