Modernizing VET in Agriculture in Armenia 2021-2030

The project aims to further develop country-wide work-based learning modalities, to strengthen VET- institutions and modernize the regulatory framework. This shall enable VET graduates better establish their own business or find employment.



The project will develop and expand work-based learning modalities and their implementation. Simultaneously, it will strengthen quality technical education provided by specialized colleges. Eventually, it will contribute to the modernization of the regulatory framework, policies and funding streams. The desired impact after two phases is that a work-based A-VET framework – nation-wide institutionalized and sufficiently funded – is in place, including 6-8 state recognized training courses linked to the agricultural sector, based on practical experience on farms and enterprises on the one hand and on theoretical knowledge imparted by competent technical schools on the other. Professional courses under consideration, selected in line with the SDC’s and ADA’s ongoing and upcoming priority areas, include “Milk transformation”, “Veterinary”, “Nut and fruit agronomy”, “General farming”, ”Meat processing”, ”Food safety”, ”Forestry” and ”Rural tourism”. This shall enable young farmers to acquire a formal qualification certificate, allowing them to find employment in companies or to establish their own viable small-scale business, eventually leading to an increase of their incomes. During the inception Phase of 9 months, the project structure will be established, operational plans developed, objectives and logframe clarified, a baseline established and necessary contracts will be signed.

This project contributes to the following SDGs

  • 4: Quality education