Annual Report 2020

The digital annual report of the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH presents the key facts, figures and highlights of the past year.

By people for people

The BFH Annual Report 2020 summarises a very special year. Due to the corona pandemic and its consequences, 2020 took a most unusual course.

The report itself comes in an unaccustomed guise in a new digital format. Compiled in a compact, readily accessible form, you will find here the annual accounts, the reports of our Departments and Vice-Presidents, and a synopsis of twelve highlights.

How could we pick out just twelve of the year’s countless developments, events and innovations? They are twelve highlights that involved a significant happening or fundamental change. In addition, common to all twelve highlights is the fact that they focus on people and on developments by people for people. They are developments that have only become possible as a result of the commitment of members of BFH, the interest of students and participants in further education, and the endorsement and support of policy-makers and the public – because all the good developments in this memorable and noteworthy year have been, as ever, the result of commitment by people for people. To them we extend our thanks and our appreciation.

Markus Ruprecht    
Head of University Board 

Prof. Dr Sebastian Wörwag

The Annual Report 2020 is published in German and French: