Your apprenticeship at BFH

Degree programmes and continuing education courses are not all BFH has to offer: we also have a selection of exciting apprenticeship positions. Thinking of doing an apprenticeship at BFH? You’re in the right place!

Every year, an average of ten apprentices begin their training with us. Yet many people are not aware that BFH is attended not only by professors and students, but also by a wide array of professionals who ensure the university’s operations.

For example, BFH offers apprenticeships for aspiring mediamatrics technicians, polymechanics, ICT specialists and electronic technicians. All professions for which we offer apprenticeships are listed below.

Trial apprenticeship and apprenticeships 2024

You prefer to look at what you are getting into before you apply? Get a first-hand impression of what it would be like to work here. Ask us for a trial apprenticeship or a taster day.

The apprenticeship positions for 2024 will be listed on our job portal from the beginning of August 2023. Just set the filter “Level of experience” to “Apprentice” and you will see all open apprenticeship positions. If nothing appears, check your filter setting. If in doubt, our vocational training officer Nathalie Röthlisberger will be happy to inform you on our current apprenticeship offers.

Find out about our 2024 apprenticeships now. Our apprenticeship positions are all in German. Therefore, we offer information on the individual apprenticeships in German only.