BFH – an attractive employer

Great freedom – like almost nowhere else – in organising your work and lots of leeway to let your imagination run wild, to be creative and to make decisions: just one of our array of advantages.

BFH – an attractive employer

An almost unbelievable variety

A brilliant mix of research and teaching as well as diverse contacts with young people from all over the world shape your everyday life.

  • An enormously wide and surprisingly large variety of topics.
  • Opportunity to get involved and contribute where your talents and interests lie.
  • When looking for solutions, we appreciate curiosity and thinking outside the box.
  • Hugely exciting projects for the future in cooperation with external partners and business, arousing interest beyond the professional world.
  • A meaningful, satisfying job with a lot of independence and personal responsibility.

Self-determined working and living

We give you plenty of freedom to organise your working hours. This flexibility and the various working time formats such as part-time and home office work make it perfectly feasible to combine private life, family and job.

  • Full-time is also often possible. Why do we have to emphasise that? Because for us, part-time has become normal. Over half of our employees already work that way.
  • Great freedom in organising work times; starting and ending work can usually be freely planned.
  • Great understanding for family commitments.
  • Exciting, responsible tasks, also for part-timers and returnees.
  • Depending on age, between 25 and 33 holiday days per year and a long-term account depending on function.
  • 16 weeks maternity leave - 10 working days leave for the other parent and adoption leave.
  • Home office possible up to 50%.

Inspiring team spirit

You work with clever folk from a wide variety of professions who, like you, want to make a difference. This “diversity” enriches your everyday life.

  • We are a pretty colourful bunch. We get inspiration from numerous encounters with people from all over the world and contacts with colleagues from business.
  • A relaxed, informal interaction and a spirit of cooperation.
  • Easy exchanging of ideas, also across departmental boundaries.
  • A pleasant atmosphere.
  • Appreciation for good performance.

Getting ahead – and arriving

Life-long learning is deep in our DNA. That is why we like to see you develop. BFH is a great place, too, for those who have seen and experienced a lot already.

  • A good address for all who want to get ahead professionally and a plus in anyone’s CV.
  • The right place for those with a lot of experience who want to do research, teach and get cracking once more in a field that is not marketing-oriented.
  • Numerous opportunities to make a career at BFH, for example as a lecturer or as the head of a degree programme. Personal development opportunities are coordinated in the annual feedback and development discussion.
  • A wide range of BFH in-house continuing education with internationally recognised qualifications, continuing education and advice in the field of "university didactics + e-learning", language training and language tandems, series of events and access to the cantonal course programme of the Personnel Office of the Canton of Bern.
  • Opportunity to teach at another university in Europe between 2 days and 2 months or take inspiration from different approaches in teaching, research or administration.

What else we have to offer...

The employment conditions of the Canton of Bern are extremely attractive and fair:

  • Every five years (from the 10th year of service) a loyalty bonus of 11 days off.
  • In addition to the family allowance, up to CHF 250 childcare allowance.
  • Generous continuation of salary in case of illness and accident: 100% in the first year, 90% in the second year.
  • Equal opportunities are important to us – in everyday life and in salaries. BFH promotes equal pay between the sexes and is therefore on the RESPECT8-3 white list.
  • Lots of attractive benefits related to sport, culture, childcare, insurance, transport, hardware and software, and much more.


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