Annual Report 2021

The digital annual report published by Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH summarises the key facts, figures and highlights of the past year.

A time of transition

The coronavirus pandemic seems to have shattered our certainties and our previous sense of normality: the pandemic cannot be brought under control in a few months. Its many variants make it an elusive foe. In our use of language, positive has become something negative and negative has become a positive. Increasingly, regional withdrawal is precluding global solutions and linear concepts of growth are foundering on natural resource limits.

It is a time of transition.

In 2021 the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH therefore strengthened its focus on the urgent issues facing our society. The annual report presents some examples of how BFH is promoting sustainability and the circular economy and helping to shape digitalisation and demographic change.

Times of transition are also opportunities, because they invite us to consciously manage change and actively prepare for a future that we have decided to embrace. It is preparing for and managing future social, economic and political developments that is our task, our mission and our passion. We have understood. And we are grateful to you for sharing this task, this mission and this passion with us.

Markus Ruprecht
President of the University Board

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wörwag
President of BFH

The Annual Report 2021 is published in German and French: