Annual Report 2022

The digital annual report published by Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH summarises the key facts, figures and highlights of the past year.

‘Hey Future’

‘Hey Future’ is an unusual but apt title for the 2022 Annual Report. It captures in beautifully succinct form the forward-looking working and creating taking place at our University: with the development of the BFH Strategy 2023–2026, the foundations have been laid in teaching, research and operations for the future development of a sustainable, digitally empowered and health-conscious society.

‘Hey Future’ is what we too said to ourselves as co-founder of the worldwide Nature Positive Universities Alliance. ‘Hey Future’ is also what the growing number of students in basic and continuing education said to themselves in coming to BFH to gain relevant skills for the future.

‘Hey Future’ is what many staff said to themselves when they heard about BFH’s nomination for the Employer Award 2022. And ‘Hey Future’ is likewise what the city of Biel says to itself as it witnesses the creation of a fabulous campus.

‘Hey Future’ was the palpable mood among the many Ukrainian students and researchers fleeing the war, when they found a safe place to study and work again at our University. And ‘Hey Future’ was also the response to BFH’s reconstruction aid for Ukraine.

‘Hey Future’ was the cry of the startups that emerged from the accompanying programmes we offer as an entrepreneurial university, and we experienced ‘Hey Future’ with our industry partners, with whom we initiated new developments last year.

‘Hey Future’ is both a challenge and a promise. Even though the future is still more uncertain than ever, we at BFH are facing it with optimism and a great deal of creative drive – in other words, with a ‘Hey Future!’

Markus Ruprecht
President of the University Board

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wörwag
President of BFH


The Annual Report 2022 is published in German and French: