SWITCH edu-ID: the digital identity in the academic world

SWITCH edu-ID is a persistent identity for all those connected with the Swiss university landscape – students, alumni, researchers, teaching staff or university staff. It can be used at all Swiss universities and is personal to the holder of the edu-ID and thus independent of any organisation.

To access various BFH services and applications, such as Moodle, you need a SWITCH edu-ID. Once this has been created, the digital identity must be linked to your BFH account.

Step 1: Create SWITCH edu-ID

Create your personal SWITCH edu-ID: https://eduid.ch (select: Create account without AAI). For this purpose, use a long-lasting, personal e-mail address and not your BFH e-mail address.

Step 2: Link SWITCH edu-ID with BFH account

Link your SWITCH edu-ID with your BFH account: https://selfhelp.bfh.ch.
The instruction video on creating a SWITCH edu-ID and linking it to the BFH account will help you to do this.

Instruction video