Presentation Skills

Do you want to appear convincing? Do you want to improve your physical expressiveness? On this specialist course on presentation skills, you will learn how to present yourself confidently.

What language does your body speak? How can you use it in a target-orientated way? 

  • You will learn the most important basics that will enable you to present successfully in front of an audience. 
  • You will acquire basic skills in speaking in front of and with the audience. 
  • You will learn how to consciously use breathing, voice and body language. 
  • You will be able to reduce your stage fright and convey your message authentically and confidently. 
  • You will learn how to deal in detail with different communication and presentation situations. 


  • Degree/Certificate Specialist Course
  • Duration 4 Days
  • Schedule Friday and Saturday
  • Application deadline 6 weeks before start
  • ECTS credits None / 3 ECTS-Credits
  • Costs CHF 2,100
  • Teaching language German
  • Location Bern, Schwarztorstrasse 43
  • School Business School
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To register, please visit the German website. 

Content + Structure


Application-orientated and effective. This specialist presentation skills course will provide an overall new effect to your public appearances. You will continuously work on how you appear to others, improve through regular feedback from the course lecturers and participants and continue to develop. With the help of the methods presented in the course, you will be able to train and refine your expressiveness in a supportive environment. 

Training objective

Do you want to score points when you appear in front of others and be positively remembered? This specialist presentation skills course will provide you with the most important basics required for a successful appearance in front of an audience - at meetings, conferences, public appearances, in front of the camera or in-house. 

Get rid of your presentation anxiety and stage fright. Get your message across and get to the point authentically and confidently. Make your own skills visible and audible. 

Make an impression thanks to new skills. 

  • You will learn how to prepare yourself without help for an effective presentation. 

  • You will be able to consciously use your personal vocal and body language resources. 

  • Thanks to learned strategies, you will no longer suffer from stage fright and nervousness. 

  • You will be able to take to the stage and project your own personality.   

  • You will be able to present and communicate in a more personal and authentic way. 

You will consider in detail the various communication and presentation skills. 

  • Positioning 

  • Posture and body language  

  • Breathing and voice 

  • Presence in front of an audience 

  • Presentation anxiety 

  • Presentations with own contents

Be convincing by using the full range of your physical expressiveness. In an empathic atmosphere, you will benefit from exposure to contemporary teaching, learning and working methods. 

  • Input presentations to convey the theoretical basics 

  • Body-orientated voice and speech training 

  • Individual and group exercises for self-perception and perception by others 

  • Individual coaching and constructive feedback 

Participants will be required to regularly attend classroom lessons and successfully complete the proof of competence. The proof of competence will take the form of an individual, oral presentation to the jury of lecturers.

Qualification + Title

Specialist course in “Presentation Skills” 

All participants will receive a confirmation of participation. Participants who meet the admission requirements for studying at a university of applied sciences and who successfully complete the proof of competence will be awarded 3 ECTS credits. These will be shown on the course confirmation certificate. 


Our lecturers are proven experts with extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in their subject areas. They have at least a university degree plus many years of experience in higher education. 

Requirements + Admission

This course is designed for specialists and managers, lecturers, experts, journalists, teachers, politicians and many other professionals, irrespective of the sector in which they work. It is ideal for those who want to make a convincing impression during their daily work.

You do not need to meet any specific admission requirements to participate in this specialist course. If you wish to obtain ECTS credits, the general conditions for continuing education will apply: you will require a university degree or equivalent qualification and at least two years' professional experience. If you have any questions, please contact the study administration or the course coordinator. 

Organisation + Registration

The duration of the course is 4 days. Classes will be held on two Fridays from 16.15-19.30 and on three Saturdays from 09.00-16.15.

To register, please visit the German website. 

Documents required for registration

You can register online via registration form. For registration we require following documents (in PDF format, max. 1 MB per document): 

  • Diplomas 

  • Curriculum Vitae 

  • Passport-sized photo (in JPG format) 

Please upload these documents even if you have already submitted them for another application. 

Organisational aspects

Deadline for registration is 6 weeks before the start of the course. 

CHF 2,100

Course materials and the proof of competence are included in the price.


Study Counselling

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