Opening Festival Bern Sustainability Days 2023

How can we convert an Audi A2 into an electric car? How can we make Breitenrain greener? Does vegetable protein taste good? The BFH booths will answer these questions at the opening festival of the Bern Sustainability Days 2023.

09.09.2023, 11am–5pm – Bahnhofsplatz Bern und Generationenhaus

This year's Bern Sustainability Days offer a diverse program for young and old. The starting signal is the opening festival on Saturday, September 9, 2023 on the traffic-free Berner Bahnhofsplatz. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., around 80 organizers will provide information on the topic of sustainability. The event will be accompanied by a fashion show, regional food and concerts.

At the opening event, the BFH will present its versatile educational and research offer on the basis of 3 concrete projects. The projects give an insight into circular mobility, meeting zones in the neighborhood and plant-based nutrition.

Technology-savvy, health-conscious, exchange-loving and education-interested visitors are invited to interactively explore the projects, exchange ideas with experts and get to know new social lifestyles in the process.

Of course, those interested can also find out about the wide range of courses offered by the Bern University of Applied Sciences in the field of sustainability.

Bern Sustainability Days 2023: 3 BFH projects represented

The three BFH projects represented with a stand at the Bern Sustainability Days 2023 approach the topic of sustainability quite differently:

"City as Garden - Model Quarter Breitenrain".

In spring, the action week "City as Garden - Model Quarter Breitenrain" took place. During this week, students of BFH planned and designed larger objects with planting - such as raised beds, seating areas or a pergola - in interdisciplinary groups. At the beginning of May, two of these objects were built and placed in the neighborhood. At the opening festival of the Bern Sustainability Days 2023, BFH will present a non-ground element on the Bahnhofsplatz.

EV Retrofit

Retrofitting is a way of converting cars so that they become part of a sustainable circular economy. For example, by using a used alternative drive to replace the internal combustion engine. The BFH's "EV-Retrofit" project will present a solution that turns an Audi A2 into an electric car at the opening festival of the Bern Sustainability Days 2023. The converted car can be viewed on Bahnhofplatz.

"Healthy for people and planet"

We can influence the Earth's climate and ecosystems with our diets. Based on this, researchers at the EAT-Lancet Commission have developed the Planetary Health Diet (PHD). This diet is both healthy for the human body and for the future of the planet, as it conserves resources in food production. One focus of the PHD is to increasingly replace animal proteins with plant proteins. At the BFH booth, you can learn more about sustainable nutrition and get a taste of plant-based proteins.

Visit the opening festival of the Bern Sustainability Days 2023 and stop by the BFH project booths - we look forward to seeing you.


Bern Sustainability Days from 10 to 22 September 2023

After the opening festival, the Bern Sustainability Days 2023 really get going. From 10 to 22 September 2023, a diverse programme will take place in and around Bern. Various organisers invite you to workshops, guided tours and exhibitions. There are offers for all age groups.

You can find the whole programme here: Events (, in German)


  • Start date 09.09.2023, 11am–5pm
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  • Place Bahnhofsplatz Bern und Generationenhaus