Nada Endrissat and Marie Pešková receive CS Award for Best Teaching 2021

29.06.2021 The teaching structure and methodology of Nada Endrissat and Marie Pešková’s ‘Agility & New Work’ course impressed the jury. The course makes innovative and creative use of digital teaching and combines it with offline learning situations, ensuring that students are at the heart of the learning process.

Nada Endrissat and  Marie Pešková have won the Credit Suisse Award for Best Teaching for their novel ‘Agility & New Work’ course, part of the MSc in Digital Business Administration offered by the Business department. The teaching is structured in three closely interwoven strands: virtual learning units (self-study), in-person sessions and a case study, known here as a live case.

Innovative blended learning approach

On this year’s course, 48 students learned about Agility, New Work and Digitalisation in virtual ‘learning cycles’ (self-study), working through tasks at their own pace. These units are delivered entirely via Moodle. The second strand comprises three interactive, ‘on campus’ in-person sessions, which pick up on the content learned in the self-study part of the course, examine it in greater depth and bring it to life by looking at specific applications.

Live case: with partners SBB and Abraxas

The third strand is the ‘live case’, a genuine ongoing case provided by one of our partners. The aim is for students to put what they have learned into practice in the real world of work. With our partner SBB, for example, students were able to examine a specific application of 3D modelling in the field of building utilisation. Students had the opportunity to meet business representatives and debate the issues with them.

The jury praised the course’s impressive teaching structure (including blended learning) and its intelligent combination of online and offline tools, which enables student-centred teaching. Both independent learning and collaboration are encouraged among the students, training skills that will be important to them in their future careers. ‘Innovative and modern university teaching, offering the perfect balance of content and form,’ concluded the jury, echoing the spirit of BFH’s strategy ‘Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age’.

The CS Award for Best Teaching is supported by the Credit Suisse Foundation. The award celebrates BFH lecturers who, through their creative and innovative approach, deliver outstanding teaching. 

CS Award for Best Teaching: Nada Endrissat, Dozentin und Marie Pešková, Studiengangsleiterin (Departement Wirtschaft) Enlarge image
Nada Endrissat and Marie Pešková

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