KeyRing: Electronic master key system: commercial partners wanted

07.12.2021 One key for everything – be it a coffee machine, holiday apartment or charging station. This describes the ‘KeyRing’ reservation and key management system that has been developed at the Institute for Data Applications and Security IDAS at Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH. Partners are now being sought for the transfer to the commercial sector.

A digital key must meet a wide range of requirements: besides it being secure and easy to use, users should be able to control it as they wish. The ‘KeyRing’ reservation and key management system meets all these requirements. It generates a token that contains all the information for using the ‘key’. Thanks to the encryption of the security-critical data, the token can also be sent over less secure channels without any risk. The token is then received by the ‘KeyRing Box’, which triggers the desired action. This Box was developed by researchers at the BFH Institute of Energy and Mobility Research IEM. With the KeyRing system, it is possible to specify not only where the key can be used, but also how often or for how long. It would let you open the door to your holiday apartment again and again, for example, but only for the duration of your stay.

IDAS published a detailed report on the project in the trade magazine Technik und Wissen and is currently seeking partners for the transfer to the commercial sector.

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