New lecturer in design technology and structural mechanics at the Microtechnology and Medical Technology Division

07.09.2021 Fabian Bründler joins the team of professors at BFH’s Microtechnology and Medical Technology Division. The 41-year-old holds a master’s degree in Applied Computational Mechanics from the universities of applied sciences of Landshut and Ingolstadt.

“I’m really passionate about teaching!” Fabian Bründler has been pursuing this passion at the School of Engineering and Computer Science since 1 August 2021. He holds a professorship in design technology at the Microtechnology and Medical Technology Division, specialising in structural mechanics, machine components and the finite element method (FEM). He will also support industry through research and development activities, primarily in the field of simulation. In previous roles, he supported various projects as a simulation specialist and lectured on FEM at the University of Lucerne.

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