BFH experts involved in the Comité Électrotechnique Suisse (CES)

23.01.2023 Stefan Schori has been elected head of TK 8 (technical committee), System Aspects of Electric Power Supply, by the CES Board. He has taken over this role as of 1 January 2023 from Christof Bucher, who in turn has been appointed as the new head of TK 82, Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems.

In Switzerland, standards are developed on a voluntary basis by organisations under private law. The experts of the Comité Électrotechnique Suisse (CES) also represent Swiss interests at European (CENELEC) and international (IEC) level. The Secretary General is a permanent delegate to CENELEC.

Christof Bucher, professor of photovoltaic systems, is at the head of the Laboratory for Photovoltaic Systems. Stefan Schori, Tenure Track lecturer, is managing co-director of the Energy Storage Research Centre and leads the Power Grids group.


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