A joint effort towards the digitalisation of psychotherapy

27.01.2023 As part of a preliminary study, the Applied Machine Intelligence research group from the Bern University of Applied Sciences BFH is supporting the start-up YLAH with questions relating to data. YLAH's digital therapy platform enables a «blended» therapy approach. That is, the personalized combination of on-site therapy and online psychotherapy.

In a preliminary study supported by Innosuisse, researchers at BFH are investigating how YLAH can capture, store and visualize data in a targeted manner and use it safely to personalize therapy processes.

YLAH AG was founded in September 2022. Florence von Gunten, one of the three founders and initiator of the YLAH project, explains: «For years I worked with inefficient processes, too much paper and little sustainable therapy interventions. I wanted to change this. With the YLAH therapy platform (software as a medical device), patients can work on their mental health between sessions. The therapist's daily routine is made easier by digitizing processes and providing clinically validated therapy content.»

YLAH focuses on the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders and also covers transdiagnostic topics on sleep, self-esteem and relaxation.

Digitization in the field of psychiatry and psychology is an important research topic of the Applied Machine Intelligence research group at the Dept. TI of the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Dr. Mascha Kurpicz-Briki, co-founder and deputy head of the research group, is looking forward to the collaboration: «YLAH is a forward-looking start-up working on an important topic. We look forward to accompanying them on this journey.»

Team YLAH Blended Psychotherapy
The YLAH team wants to make it possible for patients to work on their mental health between therapy sessions.

Mascha Kurpicz-Briki is deputy head of the Applied Machine Intelligence research group and conducts research on fairness and diversity in artificial intelligence.

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