Christoph Röthenmund – “Often I am a translator connecting the experts with IT.”

“As a project manager I have many career options. One reason I keep opting for BFH is because I’m fascinated by the contacts with very different people, artists, researchers, lecturers, scientists, young and old, people from all over the world. BFH is wonderfully multi-coloured,” enthuses Christoph Röthenmund.

Christoph Röthenmund, Project Manager

What do you like about your job as senior project manager at BFH?

The wide range of themes as well as the many fascinating people I get to deal with. From agrarian researchers to artists, business experts, social workers and health care specialists – you can find them all at BFH.

What have been your career steps so far, and how did you come to join BFH?

I have been working in IT since 1997, first as a systems engineer in the client environment and for 10 years now as a project manager. I was able to gain experience as an employee of an outsourcing company, as an administrative employee and as a freelancer, and I have been at BFH for a little over five years now.

Is there a project that you are particularly proud of?

The Win10+ project. This project involved the migration of 3000 clients to Windows 10 and Office 365. My team and myself were able to complete this successfully ­– within budget, on schedule, and in good quality.

What do applicants need to bring with them to be successful in the field of project management at BFH?

A certain amount of curiosity and openness. Our multifaceted organisation is always good for new topics and challenges, and at times flexibility is also required. This means that our job is never boring, but always remains fascinating as well as demanding.

Why did you spontaneously agree to become a “Face of BFH”?

Because I strongly identify with BFH, and because I believe that BFH is a very interesting employer with an inspiring work environment.

In your free time you sometimes take off – as a power pilot. How did you become interested in this extraordinary hobby and how often do you get a chance of following it besides your work?

Even as a small kid I was fascinated by flying and aeroplanes, and it was a childhood dream to become a pilot. As youth, though, I was denied this for health reasons. It’s all the more wonderful that I was able to make this dream come true eight years ago. I have had the PPL(A) licence for five years now. Thanks to our flexible working hours I can sometimes take advantage of nice days. I go flying as often as I can, and I’m delighted that my six-year-old son is happy to join me.




Senior project manager





At BFH since

November 2014

Describe BFH in 3 words

multifaceted, exciting, unique

My contribution to diversity at BFH:

As project managers we frequently have to cope with widely diverging requirements.  Often, there are conflicting opinions as well. One of my functions therefore is certainly to build bridges and find compromises that are acceptable for all. I also often work as a translator connecting the experts with IT.