Production of extractives from plant biomass

We develop processes to obtain and recover compounds from plant biomass for a sustainable bio-economy.

We specialise in the development of processes and products, from a lab scale to a pilot scale. We aim to support our partners in developing and implementing innovations with extractives from wood, bark and other plant-based raw materials.

Range of services

Our services range from the development of extraction processes and the detailed chemical characterization of the extracts to the development of suitable material applications.

  • Development of solid-liquid extraction processes (pretreatment and preparation of raw materials, extraction, concentration, drying)
  • Chemical characterisation of the material composition of the extracts
  • Development of applications in the fields of adhesives, resin systems, flame retardants, antioxidants and bioactive ingredients
  • Pilot plant for the extraction of secondary plant substances


The following facilities are available for the professional handling of services, development orders and research projects:

  • Drying chambers, autoclaves, mills for pre-treatment and preparation of the biomass
  • Extraction systems on a lab scale (10 Millilitres to 10 Litres working volume) for solid-liquid extraction with water or organic solvents
  • Systems for vacuum-drying, freeze-drying and spray-drying
  • Pilot extraction system with 100 Litres working volume for process control on a pilot scale and production of extracts on a kilogram scale
  • Reactors for the chemical modification of extractives
  • Chemical analysis for the characterisation of ingredients and products
  • Pilot plant for the extraction of secondary plant substances
  • Pilot systems for development of applications in different product areas


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