Dying at home

The touring exhibition ‘Zuhause sterben’ (Dying at home) reflects the drive and principles behind the Compassionate City project. The project believes that end-of-life care should take place at the heart of community life, and that everyone should provide support during the phases of dying, death and mourning. The intent is to spark a dialogue about mutual care and intergenerational solidarity in times of crisis.

Dying at home

How we as a community can provide end-of-life support

19 - 21 March 2023
Kirchgemeindehaus Frutigen, Vordorfgasse 2

Opening hours:
Sunday 11-12 h
Monday 9-17 h
Tuesday 9-14 h

This touring exhibition uses partition walls to create three rooms, which bridge the gap between personal, intimate experiences of death and the social and public discussion around the subject. The bedroom examines the process of dying. Listen to family members talk about what motivates them to provide care at home, and their experiences of death and dying. In the living room, visitors can watch a documentary highlighting carers and the support available in their communities. The cafe focuses on the community care provided to support those affected. In this room, visitors are also invited to talk and share their thoughts, preferences and stories about life and death over a fun game of cards.

This exhibition by Joy Slappnig and Claudia Michel is a result of the three-year innovative project ‘Compassionate City Lab of the Bernese People’. This project is a response to a widespread desire to stay at home until the end of life. It focuses on the question of what people at the end of life need to ensure that they are able to remain at home, and how to support the family members relatives caring for them. Led by: Bern University of Applied Sciences, the Institute on Ageing and the University Centre for Palliative Care at Inselspital Bern

The exhibition is supported by Health Promotion Switzerland, as well as other foundations and agencies.

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