sh@ttle – exploring automated driving

The future of motoring is electric, automated and connected. The sh@ttle, a micro-car converted by students for automated driving, serves as a learning and research platform for the mobility of tomorrow.


  • Lead school(s) School of Engineering and Computer Science
  • Duration (planned) 01.01.2019 - 18.06.2019
  • Project management Peter Affolter
  • Head of project Peter Affolter
  • Partner IEM - Institut für Energie- und Mobilitätsforschung

The project

The future of motoring is electric, automated and connected. With the sh@ttle, Bern University of Applied Sciences is capturing the spirit of the times, adding to its skill set in the field of vehicle automation and connectivity.

The sh@ttle project was launched in 2018 as part of a bachelor’s thesis. The aim is to develop a learning and research platform to give students hands-on experience of new vehicle automation technologies. A Renault Twizy – equipped with the necessary components for electric, automated and connected operation – forms the basis of the platform. The sh@ttle lets students familiarise themselves with vehicle automation technology, get hands-on basic and advanced training and pursue industry-relevant research projects.

Adapting the curriculum of future automotive engineers to new challenges in this way meets the needs and requirements of industry and commerce. It can also cater to the demand of SMEs for research activities in aspects of modern mobility.

The BFH Institute for Energy and Mobility Research (IEM) has been grappling with electric mobility for decades and has already celebrated international successes in the field of vehicle electrification. In the 90s, for instance, the Engineering College of Biel, as it was known then, took a podium place in the first World Solar Challenge with their ‘solarmobile’, the Spirit of Biel/Bienne. Moreover, BFH has supported Swiss industry on several occasions on issues relating to electric mobility. There have been successful projects in the agricultural sector, public transport, municipal building and mining technology.


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