Automotive Electronics Laboratory

At the heart of our research is the electric, autonomous and networked mobility of the future.

Our Laboratory

We have in-depth expertise in vehicle data acquisition and in the analysis and modelling of complex drive systems, which serve as a solid data basis for the development of modern, electric drives. Furthermore, we research automated driving, electric battery charging systems and vehicle communication.


  • Performance and energy flow analyses of vehicles
  • Modelling of electric vehicle drive systems for the design of batteries, converters and motors 
  • Expert reports on all aspects of electromobility technology
  • Short, medium and long-term data acquisition and evaluation of battery, inverter, motor and environmental information on vehicles
  • Development of vehicle bus systems such as CAN, Lin, FlexRay, J1939
  • Development, integration and application of wireless communication technologies for vehicles (V2X)
  • Development, integration and application of assistance systems in vehicle


We mainly work on the electrification of vehicles, data acquisition, data communication and data processing in vehicles.

  • Electrification of complex niche vehicles such as construction machinery, agricultural or municipal vehicles
  • Long-term acquisition and evaluation of vehicle data
  • Programming of vehicle controls in accordance with current standards
  • Integration of vehicle bus systems



«One third of Switzerland's total energy requirements are met by transport. Investing in energy-efficient mobility pays off.»

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