The BFH Centre for Health Technologies combines areas of expertise across the entire value-creation chain from medical technology and medical informatics to healthcare and sport.

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Medical Technology

In the medical technology area of expertise, innovative diagnostic and treatment systems based on state-of-the-art technology in microelectronics, sensor technology, optics, signal and image processing, control engineering, robotics and rehabilitation technology are developed and evaluated. The focus is on the safety and performance of new medical products for use in cardiology, ophthalmology, intensive care units and other areas. The wide-ranging technology expertise in development is perfectly complemented by interdisciplinary expert knowledge in prototyping, small-batch production, industrialisation, quality management (according to ISO 13485), regulatory requirements (MDR) and in the planning, implementation and analysis of clinical studies (in collaboration with hospitals, including Swissmedic).


Medical Informatics

The Medical Informatics area of expertise ranges from feasibility studies to the development of healthcare applications:

  • Applications for people: mHealth, AAL, patient empowerment, monitoring including integration into the Swiss e-health landscape (keyword: Electronic Patient Record (EPR)).
  • Applications for researchers: citizen science, secondary use of personal health data, patient-generated outcomes and data analysis using machine/deep learning, big data.
  • Applications for service providers: technologies for cross-sector treatment pathways, clinical decision support, telemedicine.

Development is based on the principles of user-centred design and co-creation. In cooperation with project partners, applications are put into operation, their usability is tested and they are then released in app stores.



The Healthcare area of expertise focuses on patients and clients. We train and educate healthcare professionals for them. We carry out applied and practice-led research and development to ensure effective healthcare provision and treatment.

We combine specialist and application-based knowledge in the healthcare professions. With expertise in healthcare economics and health policy topics, we offer a systemic view of the healthcare system.

We apply and validate healthcare-relevant technologies in the direct environment of healthcare provision (healthcare professionals, patients, relatives) as part of clinical studies, usability studies and healthcare economic evaluations.



The Sport area of expertise provides support and advice across the entire spectrum from the development to the implementation of a product.

Co-development: we have access to the target group so that requirements can be clearly identified and shared. We support technological development with our sports-specific knowledge. We are familiar with both the tech industry and sport and can advise both parties.

Prototype to proof of concept: we test (new) developments and provide regular feedback right through to proof of concept.

Studies: we carry out scientific studies (feasibility, validation, etc.) in the lab and in the field. In the form of intervention studies or impact evaluations, we test the benefits of newly launched instruments.

Implementation: the technology is used in (performance) diagnostics on a daily basis and the applications are adapted to requirements where necessary.