Embedded Systems

Our embedded systems can e.g. monitor animals or record the position of objects. They are also used in medical and automation technology.

Our research group

We develop hardware and firmware for mobile embedded systems in the fields of sensor technology, data processing and communication as well as hardware and firmware for embedded control for use in industrial systems and consumer electronics.

Range of services

Are you looking for a miniaturised, energy-optimised embedded system? Various types of partnership are available depending on the scale of your project.

  • Subsidised projects
  • Direct assignments
  • Projects with students.

We also loan out our measuring and testing equipment.

Areas of expertise

  • Development of mobile embedded systems
  • Development of hardware and software for control systems with exacting real-time requirements
  • Modelling and simulation methodology
  • Development of mobile libraries, SystemC(-AMS) upgrades, RTL design for FPGA/CPLD


  • Atollic, TI and Keil development environments for various micro-controllers
  • Development environments for embedded Linux
  • Simulation and layout-creation tools
  • Rapid storage oscilloscopes and logic analysers
  • Power analysers in the nA range


Contact us or meet our experts in person at various events. Collaboration produces win-win outcomes for everyone concerned – your company, society and the university.