Range of services

The research and development projects we work on with our partners in industry are designed to find solutions that will increase efficiency in materials production while maintaining or improving quality.

Research and development

Research collaboration

Our interdisciplinary team is an ideal partner for your R&D projects. We work closely with businesses and universities – nationally and internationally.

Active partner

We actively participate in the national ‘Swissphotonics’, ‘Innovative Surfaces’ and ‘Support of innovation with Additive Manufacturing’ networks.

Consulting services

As your partner, we provide flexible support for your services or
product development activities. If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technological assessments or investigations
  • Project monitoring
  • Consulting, planning, coaching
  • Tests and expert reports
  • Measurements, appraisals and analyses
  • Letting of facilities
  • Evaluations and audits

Core competencies

  • Micro material processing with ultrashort laser pulses
  • Modifying the properties of surface layers using heat or laser treatment
  • Fibre technology: from fibre production to material processing
  • Production of thin layers using PVD and CVD
  • Use of plasma technologies for surface modification
  • Materials and surface analyses
  • Production of components using selective laser melting (SLM)
  • Application of metallic layers using laser direct metal deposition (LDMD)



We have an extensive range of cutting-edge facilities at our disposal for our R&D projects:

  • Several ultrashort pulse laser systems
  • Facility for micro material processing
  • SLM facilities
  • LDMD facilities
  • Thin-layer deposition (PVD & CVD)
  • Heat treatment
  • ISO 6 cleanroom
  • Fibre technologies (fibre lasers, beam guidance via fibres, fibre production)
  • Materials and surface analysis
  • Metallography

Contact us for more detailed information about individual facilities.

Student theses

Innovation and research are key to strengthening competitiveness. That is why companies from a wide range of industries have long collaborated with our bachelor’s and master's students. Here, our students incorporate aspects of their respective partner company’s work into their thesis, supervised by us. In doing so, they enable the company in question to avail itself not only of the students’ own academic knowledge and experience, but also that of their lecturers.

Training and continuing education

Our lecturers are not only involved in R&D projects but also teach at bachelor’s level (basic principles and specialisations) and master’s level. As a result, current topics of research tend to be incorporated in the education we provide.