About us

‘Small structures with a big impact: we modify surfaces by processing them with laser pulses and applying thin coatings.’ Prof Patrick Schwaller, Head of Institute


Around 30 people (professors, research associates, assistants and technical staff) are currently working on research and industry projects at the ALPS Institute.

We are a competence centre for the functionalisation and analysis of surfaces and materials, and we work with a range of companies and universities at both national and international levels. We also offer an attractive environment for students enrolled on master’s and bachelor’s degree programmes. Our interdisciplinary team makes the Institute the perfect partner for applied R&D projects in the fields of materials, surfaces and microprocessing.


In addition to our many, often long-term collaborations with businesses in Switzerland and abroad, we also collaborate with numerous universities and are actively involved in various national networks and associations.

AHB, HAFL and HKB at Bern University of Applied Sciences

Networks and associations

ALPS is actively involved in the National Thematic Network Swiss Photonics. Prof V. Romano is vice president and a member of the executive board.
ALPS is actively involved in the National Thematic Network ‘Innovative Surfaces’. Prof P. Schwaller is a member of the expert committee. Prof Thomas Nelis is actively involved in the work of the Innovative Surfaces and Hard Coatings technology circles.
Simon Kleiner represents ALPS in the National Thematic Network Additive Manufacturing.
ALPS is a member of the ‘Competence Center for Drug Development and Substance Testing, TEDD’.
With Prof M. Baak as a member of the central steering committee, ALPS is an active member of the Swiss Society for Surface Technology (SGO).
Member of the European technology platform Photonics 21
Member of the Swiss Society for Optics and Microscopy SSOM
Member of the steering committee of the European Working Group for Glow Discharge Spectroscopy (EW-GDS)


Research is done by people! Contact details for our staff are listed below.