Range of services

We are your partner in tackling the issues encountered in modern industry. Our interdisciplinary team includes experts for every link in the process chain. This ensures that each and every industrial process optimised by I3S—from sensor placement to vibration-free positioning—is intelligently interconnected.

Research and development

We collaborate closely with your company to implement R&D projects, designed together to meet your needs.

Our strengths:

  • Developing mobile embedded systems
  • Optimising mechanical structures based on R&D and modal analyses
  • Creating control algorithms based on state models and predictive optimisation
  • Building and developing industrial networks

Consulting services

We are a flexible partner, providing support as needed for your services or product development. For more information, please contact us directly.

Core skills

  • Building and developing industrial networks

  • Developing mobile embedded systems
  • Developing hardware and software for control systems with stringent real-time requirements
  • Optimising mechanical structures based on R&D and modal analyses
  • Creating control algorithms based on state models and predictive optimisation
  • Developing active damping systems with piezoelectric actuators


Electrodynamic shaker

Our shaker can excite structures weighing up to 300 kg and has a frequency range of 3–3500 Hz. Its features include standardised vibration profiles, noise and shock testing, and accelerations of up to 100 g. This highly flexible shaker serves to verify simulations, investigate the vibration behaviour of materials, and more.

Laser vibrometer

The laser vibrometer facilitates simple, non-contact measurements used to quantify mechanical vibrations. Depending on the respective application, it measures either velocity or distance on a scale ranging from nanometres to metres. This enables it to produce highly precise measurements of vibration frequency and amplitude.

Pilot plant for the production of lithium-ion batteries

The pilot plant is available to research and industry as a basis for experiments, whether for the construction of test cells or to test innovative manufacturing processes. The system is also designed to offer maximum flexibility in terms of the choice of materials, the inclusion and switching-out of individual components and the range of potential battery cell sizes – from credit-card format up to 150x300mm.
Further information

Student work

Innovation and research make you more competitive. For years, companies from a host of industries have benefited from collaborating with our bachelor’s and master’s students. As part of a seminar or final project, students will examine questions related to your company, while receiving specialist support from our faculty. You will therefore benefit from the expertise and experience of both our instructors and students.

Training + continuing education

Bachelor’s, master’s and continuing education programmes offer specialists a suitable qualification for every stage of their career. New findings and developments in research feed directly into our teaching, which provides students with a hands-on approach to the field.