Our skills are best explained on the basis of a networked production process. Our technology enables users to locate items around the world by radio. Associated data may be compiled remotely or made available locally in respective networks.

Process optimisation in manufacturing

We focus on optimising machinery and manufacturing processes to improve productivity and quality for the mechanical engineering industry and manufacturing sectors. We implement the concepts of Industry 4.0 – in other words, making local decisions with smart sensors based on comprehensive information. A key area of implementation is battery cell production.

Control of high speed processes

Our key strengths include planning, commissioning, operating and maintaining wireless and wired data networks. We ensure that specific demands are met regarding availability, functional safety and real-time capability. We also support our clients in developing network connections.
Our partners use IT, factory and automation networks in the fields of industry and commerce.

Embedded systems

We develop hardware and firmware for mobile embedded systems in the fields of sensor technology, data processing and communication. Our specialities include miniaturisation and ultra-low power.
We also develop hardware and firmware for embedded control in industrial systems and consumer electronics, with a focus on FreeRTOS, embedded Linux and real-time applications.