Knowledge management

Our knowledge management research explores topics relating to clinical decision support, expert systems and associated terminologies, semantics and ontologies for applications in drug safety, data management, i.e. for clinical studies, or eLearning. An example project from this area is our review of the Tarmed tariff system for H+, the Association of Swiss Hospitals.

Evaluation of medical informatics applications

We are experts in the evaluation of medical informatics applications, such as clinical information systems, clinical decision support systems and Active and Assisted Living (AAL) installations, as well as the assessment of quality initiatives or eHealth facilities. An example project from this area is the production of an evaluation handbook for the Swiss eHealth initiative.

eHealth and telemedicine

We deliver and support diverse developments in eHealth and telemedicine relating to the Swiss Electronic Patient Dossier, mobile health and the establishment of integrated healthcare processes and telemedical applications. We explore issues ranging from technical and semantic interoperability, the integration of AAL environments and the secondary use of data to Big Data. An example from this area is the development of a national testing environment for the Swiss Electronic Patient Dossier.

Patient-centred applications

Our key focus areas include patient-focused applications, such as personal mobile applications (apps), research into patient empowerment (self-management), activities relating to compliance support and the integration of AAL with service providers. We also explore the field of personalised medicine. An important facet of this is Patient Privacy Consents. An example is the development of a BioApp for interpharma, the association of research-based pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland.

Information management and economic analyses of processes in healthcare

Other focus areas include information management and economic analyses of processes in healthcare. We have expertise and our own management tools for analysing courses of treatment, optimising treatment chains, simulating logistics processes, designing medical pathways incl. cost calculations and CPOE (Computerised Physician Order Entry) workflows. An example from this area is the Hospital of the Future project, a collaboration with GS1 and economiesuisse.